Pax Data provides clients with data-driven services that create broad value for all stakeholders.

Organizations are often overwhelmed and under-prepared because they lack access to strategic data insights. At Pax Data, we provide data strategy services and marketing insights services for private and public sector organizations. Our services include data collaboration, data governance, data commercialization, data sustainability and the future use of data.

We leverage strategic marketing insights to provide value in the following areas: cities and infrastructure, consumer trends, defense and security, digital and analytics, economic development, healthcare, philanthropy and finance.

We aim for organizational transformation and operations improvement for business and public sector challenges.

Kwasi Hope Agyeman
CEO and Founder at Pax Data
European Conference Speaker


Kwasi Hope Agyeman – LinkedIn | Twitter

Before launching Pax Data, Kwasi worked at the IMF/World Bank and the United States Senate.

When Kwasi is not working with clients, he runs a travel show called “Hidden History,” where he explores fascinating travel destinations. Follow on Instagram @kwasihope for new episodes!

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